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WATCH #ThisIsOurBev on Youtube!

The character of Bev was born in 2017, during a bingo night in an underground hotel bar in Liverpool. 

Catherine Rice and Stephen Fletcher had met a few years back when Cath was co-running the Liverpool Actor's Studio on Seel Street when Life in Theatre staged The Last 5 years there. 

"We knew there was something more to get from Bev", says Cath, "so we set about exploring different stories for her to tell and different ways of telling them."

"We created a short-film for BAFTA, gaining interest and positive feedback, developed a sell-out one-woman show for The Royal Court studio with a softer and warmer Bev at its heart, and used that to develop a new Christmas show, OUR BEV'S CHRISTMAS CRACKER." says Stephen. 

During lockdown, Stephen and Cath co-wrote and filmed 10 x 4 minute films for Bev's Youtube channel. Across social media they became a source of light relief for our audience and a way of taking stock during a turbulent time for so many people. They have been viewed on Facebook by more than 40,000 people. 

In them, Bev contemplated life as an actor after COVID, and stared down the reality of things never being the same. She was everything from compere at a Spanish holiday resort, going for male roles and auditions, considered for CATS the musical, and even volunteered to open the Liverpool zip-wire while ​championing the cause of Black Lives Matter and Liverpool's own history. 

Completely unsubsidised, Cath and Stephen used this time as a way of honing their writing skills and keeping their creativity flowing during such a dormant period in the industry. 

What they created was something they are proud of and will serve as a valuable reference point on life during the lockdown, albeit a comedic one, in years to come. 

Visit our YouTube channel to see the full 10 films, and some surprise special guest stars in our finale!

​BEV'S BUSKING BONANZA was mounted as part of Liverpool's Without Walls festival, bringing live entertainment to the streets after the pandemic lockdown.

L​ife in Theatre in association with Catherine Rice were awarded funding from Liverpool City Council, guaranteeing buskers from the city region a wage, during two pop-up stages on August Bank Holiday, 2020. 

Mandolin players, drummers, singers, children, pianists, songwriters, guitarists and more all stepped up to the mic, performing some of their favourite songs, and for many this was the first time they had performed in 6 months, since the start of lockdown. 

It was received well with passing members of the public, who all engaged with the event, with some people even putting money down for the performers. 

Highlights included a local boy (Adam Cusak) raising money for his school funding, a young girl (Jess MacDonald) singing her lockdown song, Rainbow of Love, which was a charity single for the NHS, and a local drummer (Colin Lamont) who pulled a huge crowd and has performed all over the world.


WINNER - Theatre Culture Award 2018, The Liverpool Echo.

Our Bev is an award-winning, two-act, comedy drama. Following a one-night scratch show of this loveable local character, Bev returned to The Royal Court Studio at the end of 2018, playing to sell-out crowds, to great critical acclaim and a surprise award for one of the best theatre pieces of the year.

Over the course of one evening backstage, we are transported to film sets, audition rooms and holiday camps as ever-ambitious singer and actor, Bev, takes us through her last 30 years in show business. 

OUR BEV was produced by Life in Theatre, in association with The Royal Court.

Starring - Cath Rice

Directed by- Stephen Fletcher

Written by- Cath and Stephen